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Characteristics of a good orthodontics clinic

Respecting the patients

We value the patients’ time. Their treatment is carried out on the appointed time and they won’t leave the clinic without satisfactory results. We have tried to ensure that the patients are comfortable while they are attending the clinic.

Continuous care

Oral hygiene is very important during orthodontic treatment; otherwise, the patients would suffer from cavities after the treatment. Therefore, we have provided the required facilities, so the patients can brush their teeth in each treatment session, and have healthy and neat teeth once the treatment is over.

Using state of the art methods

We use the latest techniques and methods of orthodontics to achieve better results, and provide a more comfortable treatment for the patients.

Fair treatment price

We provide high-quality services in all stages of the orthodontic treatment for all levels and packages. Also, we are charging a fair price and provide affordable payment schedules to help the patients. Besides, we have contracts with insurance companies and organizations, including Melli Iran, Refah, and Sepah banks.

Dr. Hooman Rafiee Neishaboory

20 years of experience in Kerman Province
Assistant Professor of faculty of dentistry, Kerman University of Medical Sciences
Manager and founding member of Roshan dental clinic

Dr. Hooman Rafiee Neishaboory’s Orthodontics clinic

30 collaborating staff to provide suitable services to the patients
Collaborating with "Ali’s refuge" charity center
Sponsor of the youth soccer team in Kerman Province
With nearly 8,000 successful orthodontic cases
4 orthodontic specialists

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The facts and figures of the clinic

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The Specialists in Dr. Hooman Rafiee Neishaboory’s Orthodontics clinic